About My Company

Established in 1990, Nava Durga, is a professionally managed company engaged in the manufacturers and supply of metal cabinet for Electronic and EIectrical Equipments. We are one of the largest manufactures of sheet metal cabinets and have been supplying quality products to a large no. of clients all over Kerala.

We are equipped with skilled manpower and necessary support from in house manufacturing and quality control measures such as Die tool room, Powder coating Plant, Zinc Tin, Anodizing Plant, Electric, Gas, Welding and Panel Screen printing unit to supply volume for any quality sheet metal cabinet throughout India within a very small span of time. Our corporate objectives are to continuously perform beyond customers expectations, and to expand our market share percentage.

As the market becoming more and more competitive, it has come into our vision that global outsourcing has become a trend. With our experience and a network of customers and branded clients, we have a very good understanding of industry in Global Market. We also have a certain degree of understanding of production requirements for foreign customers, which makes us a unique service provider from other common trading and suppliers.